Sep 26, 2008

Gonds Tribe of India

Gonds Tribe- An introduction
Our Indian tribal tour today takes us to The Gonds tribe of India. Many call them as the “face of Indian tribes” because of there population strength. Undoubtedly, these warrior tribes of India have a distinct identity in terms of culture, language and costumes. A visit to the Gonds tribe of India, makes sure that you get a different perspective on the ideologies of Indian tribes.

Historically, known for their heroics in the battle against Britishers, these proud tribes of India also gained control of Malwa after the decline of the Mughals followed by the Marathas in the year 1690. Like many other tribes in India, a watch at the costumes of the Gonds tribe is a delight. A unique ideology and thought process about the religion makes the Gonds tribe stand apart from any other tribe in India.

Gonds Tribe- Location
Gonds tribe are generally found in Gond forests of the central India. Chhindwara District of Madhya Pradesh, Bastar district of Chhattisgarh, parts of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Orissa are some of the other places of inhabitation by these warrior and royal Indian tribes.

Gonds Tribe- Language
Gondi language is the prime language spoken by Gond tribes of India. Beside this, these Indian tribes also have a good command on Telgu, Hindi, Marathi, Parsi and many other Dravadian languages.

Gonds Tribe- Costumes
Gonds tribes of India have a typical Indian dress culture. Male members in the Gonds tribe wear Dhoti ( long piece of cotton cloth wrapped around the waist passing through the legs). Females wear soft cotton saris along with the Choli or blouse.

Gonds Tribe- Food

Two millets known as Kodo or Kutki are the staple food of Gonds tribes of India. Most of the Gonds are the meat consumers, though they prefer Rice during the festivals.

Gonds Tribe- Religion
These tribes of India are highly religious minded. These Indian tribes worship Janani or the mother of creator. Gonds tribe also worship Pharsa Pen, inform of nail or a piece of iron chain. Mariai- the Goddess of plague and other diseases, and Bhimsen – the Hindu God are also worshiped by Gonds tribes in India. One unique feature of their beliefs is the existence of spirits. Gonds tribe believe that every or most places in the World are inhabited by a spirit. Sacrifices are also made to appease a number of deities. Gonds tribe believe that deities control everything in the World. These tribes of India also worship the God of household, God of fields etc.

Gonds Tribe- Festivals

Keslapur Jathra and Madai are the two major festivals celebrated by the Gonds tribe of India. At Kelaspur Jathra they worship, the snake deity called Nagoba, whose temple is found in the Keslapur village of Indervelly mandal of Adilabad district. The most famous attraction at the festival is the Gusadi dance performed by wearing head gears decorated with the peacock feathers, along with cotton cloth around their waist. Smearing ash all over the body is a must see at this distinctive festivals of Gonds tribe of India. The other festival celebrated is Madai. During this festivals Gonds meet their relatives setteled in other parts of India. Sacrifice of goat beeath the sacred village tree to appease the tribal Goddess is also done. In the night they enjoy the party atmosphere with liquor and dance and tribal music. Dusshera is another festival celebrated with utmost pleasure by the Gonds tribe of India.


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In Kelaspur of Adilabad district, Madai Jathra is very famous. At this fair, the snake called as Nagoba by the tribals, is worshiped on this day. The fair is also known for its Gusadi dance, performed by the localities wearing head gears decorated with the peacock feathers and wrapping around a cotton cloth to the waist. They apply ash all over the body which is worth seeing at the fair. They sacrifice a goat in name-sake of their god. Dusshera is another festival celebrated here with fun and pleasure.
gonds tribes of india

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