Oct 9, 2008

Andamanese Tribes of India

Great Andamanese Tribe- Introduction
Our Indian tribal tour now reaches the islands of Andaman. These Indian tribes are a part of negrito tribal family. With quite a healthy population, Andamanese tribes of India were once on the verge of extinct. No matter what the population status of these tribal people is, they are known for a unique culture, physical stature and occupation. These tribes of India had several sub groups but most of them
disappeared over a period of time.

Great Andamanese Tribe- Location

As the name suggest, these tribes of India are largely found in the the islands of Andaman.

Great Andamanese Tribe- Language

These tribes of India are generally known for three absolutely different types of language they speak. Jeru, Khora and Andamani Hindi are the major languages spoken by Andamanese tribes of India.

Great Andamanese Tribe- Culture

The diverse culture of these tribes of India is what catches the eye. Men amongst the Great Andamanese tribes wear narrow belts or girdles of hibiscus fiber. They usually have a heavy body, so it suits their personality. You can also see weapons tucked into their belts when they go for hunting. The women folk of these tribes of India have a typical tribal dress sense. Branches of leaves cut into stripes held by belt of pandanus leaves and tail skirt amongst the girls form the dress code of women of Andamanese tribes of India. A distinctive feature of women of these tribes of India is their painted bodies.

Great Andamanese Tribe- Food

These tribes of India eat almost all the variety of food. Andamanese tribes usually eat rice, wheat, dal, chapati etc. Besides this, Great Andamanese tribes also prefer non vegetarian stuff such as fish, turtle eggs, crabs, roots, seeds and tubers. Pork and Andaman water monitor lizard are the prime eat up of Andamanese tribes of India.

Great Andamanese Tribe- Occupation

Hunting is the main source of food and occupation with these tribes of India. Moreover these tribes in India also cultivate vegetables and run poultry farm for their livelihood.


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i am a student in 10 grade and this site has helped me a lot.and also, it has intrested me in researching more about this tribe.

Parag April 26, 2011 at 10:54 PM  

There are so many different Andamanese tribes residing on the archipelago island. And all of them speak different language
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