Dec 23, 2008

North East India Tribes

Whenever we talk of tribes and tribal culture in India, the north-eastern region of India at once comes to mind. And there are valid reasons for that. North East India covers the states of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Nagaland, Mizoram and Manipur. The region in the north east is still untouched by modernisation. Apart from sheltering a magnificent tribal life, North East is also rich in terms of landscape, flora and fauna.

A visit to these states will introduce to the a rich tribal culture which also includes a wonderful legacy of art and craft. A wide range of unique handicrafts are made by the tribal groups living in the northeastern part of India. The tribes mainly inhabit the hilly and forested areas of the states mentioned above. It is interesting to interact with them and experience their lifestyle, a completely different world beyond our own. Each of the tribes in North East India depends mainly on collecting, hunting and fishing for their livelihood. These tribes have their own cultural features – customs, languages and dress.

Arunachal Pradesh has 26 major tribes. In the state of Orissa, there are around 62 different tribes totaling up to 7 million. Major tribes in Orissa include Bondas, Gadabas, Koyas, Kondhas and Sauras. Nagaland is home to 16 major tribes in northeastern India. The state of Assam in North East is also home to a number of primitive tribal groups. These include Khamti, Phakial, Khamyang, Aitonia, Nara, Gurung and Shyam.

During your tour to India , you can easily plan to set off on an exciting tribal tour of India. It will give you an opportunity to gain an insight into the rich tribal heritage of India.


Anonymous,  October 26, 2010 at 7:43 PM  

You guys don't even know a bit about us...wats dat at da end..khamti, shyams r frm arunachal pradesh,
Kacharis, rabhas, bodos, mishings, dimasas, karbis, morans, chutias, dese r frm assam

Rajasthantraveling December 19, 2010 at 11:43 PM  

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Anonymous,  December 7, 2011 at 9:32 AM  

Each of the tribes in North East India depends mainly on collecting, hunting and fishing for their livelihood????

Do you think we really live on this primitive kinda things???

Strange, you seem to simply google and extract what you find there!!! Come to NE and you'll find what you want!!!

Anonymous,  June 28, 2012 at 11:49 PM  

The region may be remote in terms of location from the central part of India, but for your kind information we are not remote in terms of modernisation. And if you think what you know is all about North-east, you are wrong, you know nothing at all.

Anonymous,  July 28, 2012 at 10:59 PM  

Does any one knows about CHAKMA tribe living in North Eastern states like Tripura,Mizoram,Arunachal and Assam??

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