Dec 15, 2008

Tribal Jewelry in India

Jewelry is something that we all thrive for. Modern day jewelery is in possession of almost all the jewelry lovers. It is something unique and antique we all look forward too. Tribal jewelery in a country like India offers a wide range of designs and patterns which are no where to be seen. Let us brief through some of the famous tribes known for their jewelry.

Bastar Tribe: These tribes of Madhya Pradesh make jewelry of grass, beads and cane. Traditional ornaments which consists of silver, wood, glass, peacock feathers, copper and wild flowers are very famous amongst tourists.

Banjara Tribe:
These Rajasthani tribes wear almost the heaviest jewelry in Indian tribes. They are very creative people and make wonderful belts made up with shells, metal-mesh, coins, beads, chains.

Rajasthani silver tribal jewelery:
It is something that all tourists thrive for. They are generally a collection of earrings, bracelets, bangles, amulets, anklets, hairpins and necklaces having a characteristic oxidized appearance.

Arunachal Pradesh Tribal jewelery:
These people make jewelery of cane and bamboo, brass, bone, ivory, silver and gold. Women can be seen wearing heavy iron rings that are coiled several times. They also wear metal coin necklaces and waistbands of leather studded with stones.

Bhutia: They wear jewelry of gold, silver, coral, turquoise and zee stone.


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