Jan 13, 2009

Tribal Handicrafts in India

India is home to around 437 tribal communities. Out of these, around 62 tribes call the regions of Orissa their home. Tribes in India have always been associated with a rich legacy of locally made items of art and craft, a rage among locals as well as foreign tourists coming to India from different parts of the world. In terms of the production of these interesting handicrafts, the state of Orissa in eastern India tops the list. Potters of the tribal community earn their livelihood by making and selling handicrafts items like pots, bowls, plates, jars, cooking stoves etc. Apart from this, the craftsmen in Orissa are popularly known for creating a wide range of traditional handicrafts by using bamboo and cane.

Due to its high tensile characteristic, bamboo is mostly used for architectural purposes. Tribal craftsmen create wonderful baskets using bamboo splits. Other items that can be prepared using bamboo splits are ropes, strings, brooms etc. Most of these handicrafts products are used for local consumption in India. Tribal craftsmen in Orissa are also known for creating wonderful handicrafts items using pappier mache. Creating pappier mache products requires technical skills including use of paper, waste cloth and other natural fibres, soaked and beaten into pulp. With the use of gum, this pulp is used to make various handicrafts items in India like masks, animal toys, penholders, dolls etc. Aside from these handicrafts in India, Orissa tribal communities also excel in making natural dyes. Weavers of Kotpad in the Koraput district of Orissa are very popular for making vegetable dyes.


jenna January 15, 2009 at 9:36 AM  

yes india is known for its handicrafts which includes Antique Replicas and lots of other handicraft items

rupunkel February 9, 2009 at 1:53 AM  

India is well known in the global world for its handcrafted items. Please visit the site Tribal Art and Furniture for complete information on the different forms of tribal crafts and furniture.

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