Apr 23, 2009

Tribes in Tripura (North-East India)

Tucked away in the hilly land of North-eastern region of India, Tripura is the inhabiting land of a number of tribes. Around 19 prominent hills of the state is clogged with tribal community and a rough estimate of 31 % of the state population counts the tribal folk. The Chaimal, Halam, Jamatia, Lepcha, Riang, Tippera and the Tripuri, contribute to the some total of the existing culture and heritage of Tripura . And the most interesting part is their cordial relation amongst each other in balancing the tradition of wood carving, bamboo and cane works.

Other then using the common 'Kokborok' conversing language, other beautiful dialects help them maintain the interactive session. The tribes of Tripura are highly inclined to religious and spiritual believes. With the presiding deity “ Tripura Sundari” the tribal believe the place to be linked with the epic era of Mahabharata. The important tribal festival, Karchi Puja, dedicated to the 14 Gods is held every year during the month of July. In addition to the tribal folks, Bengali populace residing there also bow their head before the divine idols.

The tribal women in Tripura are much more stylish then their men. Women wrap the lower portion of the body with 'Ringai' whereas they cover the upper half with 'Risa' and 'Rikuttu'.The 'Ringai' pattern and the dangling silver and metal jewelery in their body is the way to differentiate one tribes from another.

Tribes in Tripura are very much fond of non-vegetarian cuisines, specially made of fermented fish. The merriment includes the boiled meat of pork, chicken, mutton, beef, turtle, fish, crabs, prawns, frogs and even dogs.


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